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Forerunner 255 Series Button Issues


I have a new Forerunner 255 46mm. The 3 buttons on the left hand side of the watch, and the activity button feel like firm, high quality, single press buttons. However the back button feels like a 2 step button, is soft on pressing and doesn't have the nice 'clicky' feel that the others have. Is this by design or manufacturing fault? 


  • My back button is soggy too and doesn't feel clicky.

    Have no idea if its normal, probably is if yours does too.

  • same here, I can literally hear a spring when I push the lap/back button, and it has a terrible feeling to it. I can't believe this is happening again as I/ many people had this problem when the 245 first came out. Garmin replaced all faulty watches back then, we'll probably go through the same thing all over again.

  • Same for me on a FR 255 46mm non-music.

  • Same here. All buttons are two step/mushy for me. I will say that I’ve had 8 different Garmin watches before this one - and in each of their forums or in my own experience, they’ve all had button issues (likely QC related on Garmin’s part). This is a lower end model on the spectrum of Garmin watches, so I imagine the issue will be more frequent here. However, I’ve never had any issue with Garmin doing an exchange of under warrantee. They’ve always been great in that regard.  Sometimes the buttons “break in”, but if it affects usage, I would just do an exchange before it’s too late. 

  • Whats the best way to get in touch with Garmin to exchange? 

  • Whats the best way to get in touch with Garmin to exchange? 

    Did you actually buy it from Garmin?

    As the watch is barely two weeks old, this to me feels too early to invoke warranty - you may get a refurb back!

  • I've always found the support chat to be the most effective.  Go to the top right of the site and click through the links to get in touch with support.  Tell them the issue you're seeing and they'll work with you.  

  • very surprised but my FR255 has good buttons all the way. hope it stays like that

  • I have multiple buttons with this issue and I can hear multiple springs (back and up buttons). I contacted Garmin today and they are going to replace it. I’m not sure what the issue is and it’s not something I ever experienced on my old 245. Hopefully the new watch they send does not have this issue. Other than that, the watch is awesome!

  • The watch is fantastic. I love the multiband tracking, finally seeing realistic real-time pace readings, and that's huge. I've also initiated a return process and hoping to get a good one this time. It's frustrating, especially since I had to replace the 245 twice (button + dead pixels), but whatever, in the end, it'll be alright :)