Forerunner 245 Series - Software Version 7.20 Live

Update can be downloaded through Garmin Express, or Garmin Connect Mobile pending the rollout. 

Change Log:

- Added Daily Suggested Workouts (limited) for Run activities. Go to Training > Workouts > Today's Suggestion for options.
- Added the ability to rate the perceived effort and feel of a Run, Bike, or Swim activity. The prompts appear during activity save. Go to [Activity] Settings > Self Evaluation for options.
- Added VO2 Max for Trail Run activities.
- Improved results for daily Body Battery calculations.
- Updated Intensity Minutes determinations to align with guidance from CDC.
- Updated workout audio prompts for hundredths distance precision. Forerunner 245 Music only
- Improved feedback on stress level readings.
- Improvements to swimming activities.
- Fixed some metronome interference with wrist-based cadence.
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

UPDATE LIVE - June 3rd, 2021