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Beta 245 Series SW 5.32

245 Download

245M Download 


  • For any issues that you encounter please fill out the form included in the download and attach it to an email to [email protected]. Please note that you may not get a response to the email unless we need more information on the issue you report.
  • Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.

Changes made from version 5.30 to 5.32:

  • Fixed an issue that caused CIQ watch faces to display 0 calories.
  • Added improvements to prevent dropped phone connection.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Installation Instructions

  1. Connect your Forerunner 245 to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. Download and unzip Place the GUPDATE.GCD file in the \GARMIN folder of your device's internal storage drive.
  3. From the RemoteSW folder, copy the GUP3204.GCD file into the \GARMIN\REMOTESW folder on your device.
  4. Disconnect your device from the computer, approve the update on the watch, and wait for the update to finish.
  5. If you would like to revert to the last public release software, place the GUPDATE-530.GCD file in the \GARMIN folder and rename GUPDATE-530.GCD to GUPDATE.GCD. Place the GUP3204-606.GCD file from RemoteSW\Downgrades into the \GARMIN\REMOTESW folder on your device and rename the file to GUP3204.GCD. Disconnect the device to install. NOTE: If you revert to an older version of software, all of your settings will be reset to defaults.