Bluetooth/ANT+ Connection Issues

Hi everyone,

I've been having issues with my Bluetooth/ANT+ not really working on my FR 245 for the last couple of weeks.

I use a Stryd Footpod when running and recently my watch has struggled to maintain a connection with it - it'll connect when the two devices are immediately next to each other, but once the Stryd moves more than 20cm away and it's as if it just doesn't exist.

I've managed to isolate the issue to the watch as my Stryd works flawlessly with the Android app, and you can also see this in the two links to one activity below.

I also broadcast my HR via the Virtual Run setting to Zwift for indoor riding, and I've been experiencing constant dropouts (every minute or so), even when connecting via the Zwift Companion Android app and my phone being immediately next to the watch.

Has anyone ever had a similar issue?

I've tried all sorts, including a full factory reset of the watch, but nothing so far has improved the situation.

My current suspicion is that the actual Bluetooth/ANT+ component of the watch is starting to fail, or Garmin have released a firmware update that has caused problems.

I've started a ticket with Garmin Support, but it's been 5 days with absolutely no response, hence why posting here.

  • I too am having bluetooth issues. Originally I was having intermittend dropping out of connectivity to my phone. So I decided to remove then add my watch again and after that I haven't been able to connect to my phone or the three other phones I've attempted to connect to. I've also been through all of the troubleshooting steps and factory reset my watch to no avail. I think given I've tested the watch with so many devices and not been able to connect that the watch might be defective. I lodged a ticket with Garmin support, took 4 days to hear back and was just given more troubleshooting steps, see below which also didn't work.

    Please try the below troubleshooting steps:


    1. Remove any entries for the device in the 'Garmin Devices' menu of the Garmin Connect App (in all the devices): Removing and Adding a Fitness Device in the Garmin Connect App
    2. Remove the device from all the devices' Bluetooth settings: Removing and Adding a Fitness Device in the Garmin Connect App
    3. Sign out of the Connect Mobile app (Settings > Sign Out)
    4. Force-close the Connect Mobile app
    5. Toggle the phone's Bluetooth OFF
    6. Toggle the device's Bluetooth OFF: Turning Off the Bluetooth Smartphone Connection
    7. Turn off and back both the phone and the watch
    8. Toggle the phone's Bluetooth back ON
    9. Toggle the watch's Bluetooth back ON
    10. Open the Garmin Connect app
    11. Sign back into the Garmin Connect app
    12. Take the phone and the watch outside (to avoid potential interference from other devices)
    13. Attempt to pair the device in the Garmin Connect app once more