disable on-screen instructions in coach mode & enable HR alert please

During coach mode the screen cycles through the preferred display information (heart rate, time, pace, whatever I choose). However it also shows the on-screen text instructions, like "run for such and so far at such and so speed", these text instructions take really a lot of time, during the run the watch is showing something like 80% of the time the same text instructions.

In coach mode, the HR alert is not functioning! This is a major flaw for anyone who wants to use the coaching plan and combine it with HR-zone training!! 

It becomes extra hard to train in the HR-zone, because you have to look at the watch display for a long time, wait until it cycles through the on-screen text instructions, until HR shows up briefly. 

I like the coaching program, but the fact that it does not combine with HR-zone alert is very annoying. 

Please fix this in some next software upgrade?