Forerunner 245m virtual run zwift issues

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this?

I recently took to using my Forerunner 245 music in virtual run mode with zwift. I've also used the virtual run mode as part of a workout in the Garmin training mode.c I've connected to zwift both via Bluetooth and via the zwift companion doing this when running indoors on a non-smart treadmill.

What I'm finding is that zwift will lose connection to the Garmin watch and stop receiving data frequently. This then requires a drop back to the menu to pair once more. Not easy when your running.

When looking into this a little more I have noticed that the disconnection happens when the watch issues an alert. So initially I had lap alerts setup at 1k intervals. When the lap alerts sounded then connection was lost. I switched off auto lap and alerts and still found that while in training mode the pace alerts also caused the same problem. 

It's pure speculation but I wonder if sounding the alert on the watch causes a draw on the watch battery and it causes it to drop the Bluetooth connection.

Anyone else seen this or have suggestions? What's the best way to raise this with Garmin?

I have logs from both zwift and Garmin watch saved away.