One notification has stopped?

I have seen similar questions but only one I found had any answers and that did not help.  I still get all notifications on my 245 as I should.  An email comes in and right away it pops up on the watch.  Same with phone calls, ect.  But the notifications that display on my Android phone from the Kuna security camera app have stopped being sent to my phone.  They have always worked until the last couple of days. 

I have restarted my phone, restarted the watch, unpaired and repaired the watch with my phone. The Kuna app on the phone is working as it always has. I have not changed watch faces or anything else on the 245.  For some reason only the alerts from the Kuna app have just stopped being forwarded from my phone to the 245.  Does anyone have any ideas of what else I might try?  Thanks!

  • Update:  I'll leave this here so others searching for the same problem can find what fixed it for me.  

    Turned out that an update that installed yesterday for the Kuna app turned off the notification slider in Connect for the Kuna app.  Did not think to check that before as many apps have updated since I have had the 245, (gmail, SMS, Whats App, others, and yes even Kuna), and never before has this happened.  Turned the slider back on for Kuna notifications and all is well again.