No music library

My Gamin 245 music did an update I guess and now none of my music is coming up. I plugged it into my computer and there is still music on my device but the watch is not registering it. How do I fix this? I tried restarting it and that did not help either. 


  • If you switch music provider to something like another app or Control My Phone and then switch it back, do you see your library at that time?

  • Same exact issue, something with the last update. Plug into PC and navigate with Garmin Express still shows all my songs, but watch says nothing.

    I backed them up by navigating directly via Windows and copying to my desktop. Removed them off my watch from Garmin Express, added them back on and now it works. 

    Hope this helps your problem, but shame on Garmin for this AND adding Spotify on this last patch without asking me.