Reverting to wrong OHR after activity ends while the HR Strap still on ?

Hey everyone,

I'm using Forerunner 245 Music with 4.20 and Geonaut HRM Dual.

After two runs with a hearth rate strap connected by ant+, I've noticed that:

1) The OHR is still on during activity, but data is being recorded from the strap.

2) After I end the activity on the watch, with the hearth rate strap still on, the watch will revert to ORH with wrong values, it jumps from 120bpm to 70bpm and keeps recording between 60-80bpm even when the watch is properly fitted.

I don't see why it would ignore the strap instantly after activity ends. I understand it has a hard time locking on to ohr when I'm walking or moving, but that's why I don't remove the strap when I stop the activity.

3) If I open heart rate widget, it will jump back to hearth rate strap with the correct values, but if I leave the widget (or return to the preview mode) it will again say "Measuring" and go down to 60-80bpm. It is bothersome to have to keep opening the widget to not get a jump from 120+bpm to 60-70bpm as I walk back from a run.

It feels very awkward this behaviour, as I don't see why I the watch tells me I'm connected to the strap on the accessories tab and uses correct data on widget (when open), but keeps reverting OHR.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this normal behaviour? I haven't had any problems other than this.

EDIT: English is not my first language, I apologise for any mistakes/poor writing.

  • The strap will generally only stay connected during an activity, and when the activity is saved/discared, the strap disconnects.  This is by design.  The connection to the strap uses battery.  There are exceptions where a specif widget will connect to the strap, but that's not generally the case.

    OHR is used to see if the watch is taken off - on watches with Garmin Pay for example, if the watch is removed, the pin code needs to be re-entered.

    These things are the normal behavior.