Music Review

For those of you that own the music model of the 245, how do you like it?  (I previously owned the 645M and the music functionality never worked right). Still, I love the idea of having music onboard the watch, and hope Garmin has figured out some of their firmware bugs and it's more stable now.

  • Can’t fault it really, I find getting the music on easy (Spotify) and the playback is very easy to do before a run.

  • The 245 music is my first fitness watch and so far it's been a mostly positive experience. There have been issues with previous firmware versions causing poor battery life, but this seems to be in the past. I have 3 different Bluetooth headphones, Beats, JLab and RHA all of which work without any issues. Sports tracking (mainly running for me) works without any issues and the GPS traces look accurate. If I lost or broke this one, I'd buy another.