GPS what is everyones settings?

So my gps is now playing up after 4.10 and getting false live pace reading which seem to fluctuate on a run by 30seconds per km when I know I'm going a steady pace. I have been using gps + glonass (every second) since release but will switch over to gps+Galileo to see if there are improvements

What is everyone else's settings? 

  • interested in this....

    cant tell, was on gps and glonass, now with "every second"

    What irritates me is that the gps find is much slower and i have to wait so long, it was so quick as i received the watch back then :( (nothing helped really with my gps problem)

  • now with "every second"

    There's a misconception on what "every second" or "smart" data recording does.  It does not change the performance of GPS reception.  The GPS is still recording the data every second no matter what mode the watch is in.  It's only purpose is how much data the watch saves when writing the file.  Yes, you may be able to see corners trimmed when view your map track later, but all the data is still recorded in "smart" recording.  "Smart" recording is not cutting pace time or distance measured.  It's eliminating unnecessary data to keep the files smaller on your watch.