Managing Music via Garmin Express - It is just broken!!

The music management on the 245M is a truly horrible piece of software it simply doesn't work and I am about to give up on it and go back to using my trusty iPod shuffle. Has this functionality even been tested?

I don't even know where to start with my issues. I have playlists on the watch that don't appear on GE, podcasts on the watch that don't appear on GE and when I create a new playlist and try a transfer not all of the items (in this case podcasts) are transferred. Randomly when I open GE I can see none of the current podcasts at all, then they (sometimes) appear next time I connect. I can't ever see playlists on the watch via GE. I now have a bunch of ghost playlists on my watch that I can't delete.

Is there any intention to address these items? Does anyone have any top tips on how to remove the files (other than a full reset)?

I am syncing from iTunes on Windows 10. Running Garmin v4.10 on my watch.

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