Connecting my 245 to Zwift

After reading a few posts here, I am assuming that I can connect my 245 Music to my Zwift?  I have a Garmin footpot and the Ant+ dongle connected to my Samsung tab pro S tablet (which is Microsoft and not android.)  I was able to connect my footpot without any issues.  Is it possible to use the watch for the HR?  Do I connect it via the laptop or the Zwift companion app?  I also saw somewhere that you have to connect the HR first, then the footpod.  Will that throw things off?  My footpod is connected to my watch and the Zwift account.  I guess I have to unpair it and then re-pair it after the watch for HR?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I only got started with Zwift yesterday.  Also, connecting Garmin, Zwift and Strava, causes 2 treadmill runs to show on Garmin and Strava.  I ended up deleting one, but what is the best way to address this?  (ie:  Just let Zwift upload everything and not open up the treadmill run or virtual run on my 245?)