updated to sw 4.10 Now headphones only play 1 side (AirPods)

Since I updated to sw 4.10, only my right headphone is playing music.  I used beta 4.06 successfully without any troubles (that I noticed).  Now when I start my music, it only plays on the right side. 

  • I've confirmed it's not an Airpods issue (synced with my phone to make sure they both played and they do). 
  • I removed the headphones from the watch connection and reconnected, still only the right side. 
  • I disconnect again and then did a hard reset.  When I reconnected this time, both sides worked - just for this time
  • I turned the watch off and then on my next attempt, back to just right side.  Hard Reset again - still right side.  

(or anyone else) - Are there any steps I'm missing, or maybe there's a hidden bug that was just found?


  • SAME here!!! i have to put them back in the case, sometimes they work then.... thank you garmin! since this is my first garmin product, im already frustrated that every update seems to have a new surprise, even damage things that worked before.... really sad!