Pairing power beats pro

i just purchased the Garmin 245 music, with update 4.10.  I was trying to pair my power beats pro, unfortunately it is it pairing. Why would this be the case if the apple air pods work and the pro do not? Can Garmin please allow prob beats to connect? These are a very popular ear bud, and expensive alongside purchasing a pricy watch with great features. Thank you win advance! 

  • I have successfully paired my Powerbeats Pro with the 245M using 4.1.0 FW.  

    For the Powerbeats, you should pair them as you would an Android Phone.  That is, leave the earbuds in the case and press the Powerbeats case connect button until the LED flashes white.  Then you can connect the earbuds to your 245M.

    After you have successfully paired them, you may unfortunately find that your Powerbeats volume controls do not work with the watch.  This was working in some earlier FW versions (eg. 4.0.0), but does not work for me in 4.1.0.