FR245M Sound Quality - Downloads Bad Quality


I really want to light this up again, as its important to me. 
Its come to my attention that Garmin might not download Spotify, or other providers playlists, in "Very High Quality", 320 kbps. 
The sound quality is not very good, and it's rather easy to notice. You can check the playlist size in "Garmin Express" to confirm. 

A typical song, lasting 3-4 minutes, should be @ around 8.4MB with "Very High Quality" setting. 
On Garmin, its half that, making me believe it downloads the music at 160 kbps. 

I would love if other people could confirm this. How?
Download the same playlist on the 245M and on your PC, and compare size. 

And please... Those of you with Spotify Premium that has never checked proper settings in the software/app... Dont comment.