Heart rate seems to follow cadans

Yesterday, I did my training on the tracks: 4 x 400 m (100 m walking), 200m walking and then 2x800m (100 m  walking). I noticed that the first 4 times 400 m, my heart rate was between 150 and 160 bpm. The 2 times 800 m gave a heartrate of ~180 bpm, which seems almost the same as my cadans. I'm 45, so the change that my heartrate is this high for these 2 series is not very likely and the average pace was muck lower! Could this assumption be true?

  • I have been experiencing weird HR peaks as well. None of the proposed solutions worked for me, but they might work for you (restarting the watch, resetting the watch). Also, make sure you wear the watch +/- one finger above your wrist bone.