Forerunner 245 Music battery drain normal?

My old post now needs to be edited so I had to renew it:

The GPS problems are currently "solved". Before that, the watch had had little or no GPS, and if it was found, it was lost again. Restarting a few times fixed the problem. Is that normal?

Furthermore: Yesterday my battery was fully charged (21:30 @ 100%) and today the clock shows me 56%.

.) NO sleep tracking, no oxi
.) GPS search only a few times (to see if it works), but WITHOUT starting an activity. Didn't wear it.
.) No pulse monitoring (since not worn, except for cardio)
.) 1x 10min cycling (GPS)
.) 1x 45min cardio
.) No sync.

I think 44% consumption within 16h is a bit much right? So I would get a maximum of 2 days. FW: 4.00 (reset already tried)

Thank you