How can I get 'Pace' & 'Distance' Audio prompts every mile Instead of every 'X' Minutes from Connect IQ (Forerunner 245)?

I have a Forerunner 245 (non-Music) and Connect IQ on my Android phone. I figured out how to get audio prompts through my ear buds connected to my phone for my running pace every 1 to 10 minutes or something like that. I set it up to to tell me my pace every 9 minutes. But it doesn't tell me distance. And it doesn't trigger the audio prompts on one mile increments.

I'm used to and prefer to get an audio prompt noting both 'Pace' and 'Distance' specifically every Mile.

Question: Any way I can set up the Connect IQ app to do announce pace and miles run based on 1 mile increments?

Question: Or is there a setting on the 245 itself that sets it to alert or vibrate every mile and I can look down and read it?