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Forerunner 245 Series SW 3.90 and ANT/BLE/BT 5.01 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile. 

Change Log 3.90

  • Add Garmin Swim 2 Features: Advanced Swim Workouts, Auto rest
  • Added all-day respiration, respiration widget, and breathwork activity
  • Improved treadmill calibration. An outdoor run prior to first treadmill use will improve performance.
  • Added Pilates
  • Improvements to Spotify, audio playback, other audio apps
  • Added advanced Yoga and Pilates Workouts
  • Added support for Hydration widget, tracking, and sweat loss
  • Added support for Airplane Mode, which allows the user to disconnect from all wireless communication namely Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ANT. (Hold Light > Controls > Hold Up > Add Controls > Airplane Mode)
  • Added support for file based Emojis, which brings support for over 1300 Emojis. (Update your device through Express or connect it to Garmin Connect Mobile.)
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the map would switch to a Dark theme when previewing a pacepro course.
  • Various other fixes and improvements

ANT/BLE/BT Is at version 5.01. While we have historically used the ending of .00 with our production updates, this will change for some updates moving forward. This is a production update and is not a beta release.