With 3.70 MTP transfers still fail and wipe out music database even though watch has the MP3 files...

I got the 3.70 firmware - still having the problem:

- Initial condition, there is music on the watch, call it Folder1, that is playable.

- Drag another folder, call it Folder2, over to the watch, in MTP mode, and it gets a failure.

- Reconnect, and retry Folder2, this time succeeding.

Now the watch can *ONLY* see the MP3 files in Folder2 - the "music database awareness" of Folder1 is wiped out.

Connected to a computer I can see, and even play, the MP3 files from the watch from Folder1!

But the watch can't see anything exists except the latest transfer in this condition.

Hypothesis:  When it gets any failure in a transfer, it re-initializes the music database, and has no way to re-scan the folders?

I would be fine if there was a way to trigger the watch to re-build the music database, the files are fine on the watch and visible.

But it won't PLAY them...