few Issues

Noticed a few little issues with my forerunner 245.. Any of you had any of the following happen?

  1. Sometimes when I go for a run I stand outside and get a signal pritty much straight away but if I stand there say a minute to make sure it's a good signal it will then go from green to red and lose the signal and search for it again.

  2. Tonight when I went for a run I did 5 miles and for the first mile the watch after a mile did the usual and beeped and vibrated and showed me the mile pace.. But then for the next 2 miles it beeped and vibrated on the mile but wasn't showing me the mile pace instead the data fields were just on.. For the last 2 miles it went back to normal and showed me mile pace again.

  3. I have had the watch for 2 weeks now and have done quite alot of running.. I usually average around 7 min miles average.. Twice since I have had the watch at the end of a slower run it has told me I have a new mile record. Tonight for instance I ran a warm up to local running club and was about 9 min miles and it said at end of run that I had a new mile record? I then did a normal run and did a 7 min mile and it then said that was record mile. It's as if for some reason my fastest mile from before had disappeared.. When I look at records on watch my 5k 10k marathon etc are all OK so I have not deleted anything