Bluetooth synchronisation is aborting with disconnection

I have a Forerunner 245 running release 3.10 bought beg June 2019.
Just after purchase, everything was working very fine. But after a couple of days/weeks, I have encountered bluetooth synchronisation issues with my smartphone.
So, far before I upgraded firmware to release 3.1 (I believe it was 2.90)
Always the same behaviour : the garmin connect app on the Android smartphone detects the forerunner. Synchronisation is starting. The app is showing transfer progress. But after several seconds, the bluetooth link is broken : the watch says the smartphone is disconnected and the smartphone is complaining the watch disconnected. After severak seconds, the link recomes up and the synchronisation is re-starting.... I usually solve the problem by connecting the watch to my PC with USB and synchronise successfully this way.
Smartphone is Samsung A5 2017 -SM-A250F) running Android 8.0.0.

I have contacted the Garmin support who gave me many tips to solve bluetooth connection issues. I have tested all of them:
I have tryed to restart both watch and smartphone many times in many orders, reset the watch to factory settings, re-install Garmin Connect on the smartphone. It does not solve the issue.
I have a second Samsung A5 2018 with Android 8.0.0 ; I have tried it and got the same result.

With the 2 same smartphones, I was synchronising without any issues during several years my Forerunner 220

Strangely, I have a tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 running Android 7.0 and when I install Garmin Connect on it, it synchronises well with the 245.

Do other users face the same issue ? Any magic solution ?

It is very frustrating. I am very disapointed with this Garmin experience while I am a long time Garmin user.


  • My unit has also developed this problem, fine before upgrading to iOS 13 (iPhone), but since then the connection has been flaky, especially syncing back activities from the watch. I notice that Beta SW 3.52 addresses connectivity issues, so that might fix it, but I use my watch for training too regularly to risk beta software.