Discovered FR 245 major issue. When running on treadmill Save & Calibrate does not calibrate the distance

I mostly run in the summer and winter on treadmills in a gym. At the end of the run I get 3.22 km for a 5 km run, although I use as well a running dynamics pod.

Obviously at the end I go to save and calibrate. I save 5km. The next day the same story, I run 5km it says I ran 3.22km. THAT IS RIDICULOUS for a device that is so expensive. For me at least. I consider it very expensive more expensive than an Apple Watch. This is why I'm Not happy at all. This is not a 90$ Amazfit watch made in China.

I opened a support case with Garmin and guess what they told me? That other people have reported the same behavior so is a know issue, No resolution yet.

They don't know is this caused by the hardware or the software? Is it only my watch that is defective or they are all thee same...

This is a serious reason for returning this watch.....

Any other people have noticed this?

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