Swimming with Forerunner 245

Does any one have experience of using this watch for pool swimming?

I'm thinking of buying one but there is something that puts me off.

The website states:

  1. During your swim activity, select BACK to start a rest.

    The display reverses to white text on a black background, and the rest screen appears.

  2. During a rest, select UP or DOWN to view other data screens (optional).
  3. Select BACK, and continue swimming.
  4. Repeat for additional rest intervals.

Do I HAVE to press BACK when I take a rest? What happens if I don't?

I am used to the MOOV NOW where I don't have to press anything during my swim. When I am resting it automatically detects that, records the time spent resting, and then it starts recording my swims again as soon as I start swimming.

I don't really want to press a button on my watch every time I rest for a few minutes during my training session.

Can anyone advise?