Indoor Run Inaccuracy

I play indoor soccer and I used to use in  my previous Garmin 235 the "Indoor Run" sport feature which seemed to be relatively accurate. In the new Garmin 245 I only can select Treadmill or Indoor Walk - the latter is extremely inaccurate, I would say only 30% of the actual distance. Do you know if it is possible to have something similar to the 235/Indoor Run which I understood used the accelerometer? or is there a trick to calibrate the "indoor walk" ? Thanks!!

  • if you want accurate readings go and get yourself a foot pod...

  • I think that's going to be tough.  When you run on a treadmill you can calibrate the 245, but that calibration only works at the pace that you ran at. So if you were running at 6 km/min and then did a run at 5 or 7, or 6 min/km with walk breaks it wouldn't be as accurate.  With soccer you can't calibrate it because you don't know how far you ran, and furthermore you were constantly changing stride from walking to running. 

    I don't know if the 245 autocalibrates the accelerometer, but I think the 235 does.  I suppose that if you played soccer outdoors with GPS on often enough it could come up with an average pace for that activity and apply it to indoor soccer.  But I think you just got lucky with the 235.

    To answer your question, there's a setting for "custom stride length" that can be used to better calculate distance walked throughout the day (as part of activity tracking). It might work with indoor walking as well. It is not used for treadmill running.

  • I have the exact same issue. I play indoor soccer and my previous 235 gave me a good reading. The new 245 is totally off. Has the way it calculates the distance covered changed??