Button click quality very bad

From the time I bought my 245 replacing the 235, I noticed that the buttons are very hard to press, produce a very strong "click" sound, they seem to have two levels of pressing, and also the pressing is inconsistent: sometimes it is clicky, sometimes not. In comparison to my old 235, they feel very bad and the quality seems worse. Maybe it has to do with the mechanism for the water ressistance, but still, the feeling is very bad: the watch feels cheap because of that.

Did you notice the same in your device?

  • ^this. So many people are having this issue i have a hard time spending money on shipping for no fix or for potentially a worse replacement. My watch only has one button that sticks rather than three like some are reporting.  

  • The 'upsides' to the 645 are the barometer and the contactless payments - I live and workout in Chicago which is extremely flat so the loss of the barometer wasn't too big of a deal (although no stair counting is a bummer), and I've never really used contactless payments even though I've had it on my phone for years. Compare that to the 245 with its new tech and new features and being $100 less, it just seemed like the right call for me.

  • I'd agree with that, it basically comes down to barometer & Garmin Pay on the 645 vs new sensors and a couple of new features on the 245. However in the UK at the moment the 245 and 645 are basically the same price (about $25 more for the 645) as the 645 is on sale some places which means it's a bit of a tougher decision. If there was $100 in it I'd clearly go for the 245 but at just $25 more for the 645 it's much more difficult.

  • Mine is the same, especially the left 3 buttons have a terrible feel to them. At it's worst, they get stuck inside and pop back out with a nasty clicking sound. 

  • Mine is the same, bought my slate 245 non-music yesterday and I can confirm the 'stickiness'. First button press after a while definately feels different then consecutive presses. Also the up-down buttons have a distinctly different feel then the back button for example. Can't say it's a problem yet, just that it feels a little weird. If I notice I start missing laps and/or stop/starts because it doesn't register my press, I will go to my local retailer. But I'm going to use it for now and see where it goes.

  • I have it to.

    Buttons feel so cheap.

    I have it 2 week's now, I thought it was a bad unit but I am not the only one I see.

    Hopefully Garmin fix this and let us swap for a better unit

  • The right lower button is very very hard to press, this is so disappointing Garmin!

  • I have bought the 245m watch three weeks ago and I have the same problem. The buttons (especially the three on the left) get "stuck" after a few minutes without pushing them… it's annoying.

    I have continued to use it with the hope that it would be something that fixes over time… But it's not like that.

    What's the solution if even the swapped watches work badly?

  • my bottom right button just got stuck (while the top one is sticking out). There is no way to switch between activities! 

  • I fully agree. But I would follow Garmin's advice to send devices back to them. Maybe with sufficient additional costs, they'll chose better quality buttons next time.