Cracked screen/ broken glass anybody?

I love and hate my Forerunner 235. On this, my second one, after I had to return the first one, I find the heart rate data ok most of the time. Syncing does seem to be highly erratic at times, and the update prompts are very annoying, particularly as you're never sure if the update will improve things, or just stop the damned thing from working (one update stopped the HRM working which led to return of first watch).

But the big problem is the cracked screen. And no, it was not accidental damage. Ok, there must have been something which caused it, but I haven't come off my watch, haven't fallen over, and would have noticed had a whacked my wrist on a wall.

Seems only too easy for Garmin to say if the screen is cracked, it's accidental damage, so not covered by warranty, so stump up £85. But it's a big face, flush so no protection whatsoever, and thin. Equally, as a sports watch, there has to be a reasonable expectation that it's being used in active environments and pursuits, so it should be designed to have enough impact resistance for 'normal' sports use.

It seems to me, that if you want a sports watch which is fit for purpose from Garmin, you probably need to buy the Fenix 3 Saphire, until they release a Saphire, or at least upgraded screen for the 235.

Please let me know if anybody else has suffered from the cracked glass.

    In hindsight, I think my crack was related to running a half marathon in freezing temperatures, but I have no way of validating or proving it. I have to assume it was my fault. The minute I got my replacement, I put a tempered glass screen protector on it. My next running watch will have a sapphire screen (or equivalent).
  • But it's a big face, flush so no protection whatsoever, and thin.
    Is your FR235's screen flush with the bezel of the watch unit's chassis? Mine isn't. The bezel is approximately 0.5mm higher than the screen all around, and when I drag my fingernail across the screen, it definitely catches my fingernail and stops the motion. So far the bezel on my FR235 has copped most of the cosmetic damage (while there are some to the sides above the hinges for the watch strap), including when I'm just wearing the watch around the house – i.e. not doing sports – and clumsily bumping into walls while half asleep.

    It seems to me, that if you want a sports watch which is fit for purpose from Garmin, you probably need to buy the Fenix 3 Saphire, until they release a Saphire, or at least upgraded screen for the 235.
    Actually, I think a screen that is subject to scratching (in ways to which sapphire glass is not prone) that may leave it something of an eyesore is not automatically or necessarily unfit for purpose; it doesn't have to remaining looking “nice” or pristine – especially to OCD-prone folk like me – just to perform its advertised function.

    If you do buy one, get an aftermarket screen protector before you leave the house wearing it!
    I think that is generally good advice. That said, how many instances/occasions/days have you worn either of your FR235 units, before the screen cracked? I wore mine for about three weeks sans screen protector while waiting for my order to arrive from Germany, and it survived those early days with nary a scratch, so it's just a risk management decision; physical damage to the screen is not a foregone conclusion.
  • Hi my screen just cracked after about 9 months of continuous wear and usage. Also no idea how it happened. Cam back from a bike ride and  noticed it was cracked. No crashes no no nothing, it just crashed. Other than that its a great watch. The HR monitor is very accurate, apart from the occasional spike. I had a chance to compare it to an EKG stress test I did at a hospital - matched it continually during the ramp up in pace within one or two beats. 

  • Mine cracked today - I don't know why, I didn't hit it on anything. I have worn it almost every day since I got it ( 22 months ago) so maybe that is usual?! 

    Did any of you repair your's or did you replace them? I am thinking I may just continue to use mine until I can afford to replace it rather than try to fix it myself or pay a lot to fix it when i could save for a new one. 

  • Hi, there seem to be enough of these spontaneous incidents to justify a class action Against Garmin. Garmin refuses to cover this under warranty. If you or others interested please contact me at michaeldobres at gmail dot com

  • I just had the same happen and I’ve only had it since christmas

  • there we go - it is clearly a design failure that Garmin should fix - certainly if tt is still under warranty.  I have plenty of other watches kicking around, expensive and cheap ones, and this has never happened. The surface is Cleary to thin/and or of the wrong material. I don't why they couldn't make it thicker - I mean its not like its a touch screen (on the 235). Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing further. 

  • Can you post a photo of it? Suggest contacting Garmin to see what they can do. Phone, chat, or email.

  • Yes, of course, contacting Garmin was the first thing I did. Even though it was still under the one year warranty, they want to charge me 120 euros to fix it plus shipping!

  • Mine cracked on house working aprox. 3 months after purchase.

    That was early 2019.

    No problems with its data measuring function but when it rains I have to cover it..

    Also no swimming pool option for me..