Pulse Ox wrist detection alert?

Frequently, when I try to manually take a Pulse Ox reading from the widget or app, my watch spends a while saying "Measuring, hold still" before failing, giving me tips to get the reading to work, and asking if I want to try again. After fiddling with the position of my watch and tightness of the band, the reading eventually completes. I think the problem is that I'm not that consistent with where I wear my watch and how tightly. But this would be fine if I didn't have to sit still for ~30 seconds before knowing if any of my adjustments finally resulted in a successful reading. I think a "Wrist not detected" alert should appear in the app right from the start, similar to Health Snapshot, if the watch isn't in the right place on my arm, as opposed to waiting for the full length of the measurement before it decides to let me know.

Pulse Ox (shown after) Health Snapshot (shown at the start)