Audio prompts - missing settings

Hi guys,

In the user manual, audio prompts are described as follows:

Playing Audio Prompts During an Activity

You can enable your Forerunner music watch to play motivational status announcements during a run or other activity. Audio prompts play on your connected Bluetooth headphones, if available. Otherwise, audio prompts play on your phone paired through the Garmin Connect app. During an audio prompt, the watch or phone mutes the primary audio to play the announcement.

NOTE: This feature is not available for all activities.

1 Hold UP.

2 Select Audio Prompts

3 Select an option:

• To hear a prompt for each lap, select Lap Alert. • To customize prompts with your pace and speed information, select Pace/Speed Alert. • To customize prompts with your heart rate information, select Heart Rate Alert. • To customize prompts with power data, select Power Alert. • To hear prompts when you start and stop the activity timer, including the Auto Pause® feature, select Timer Events. • To hear workout alerts play as an audio prompt, select Workout Alerts. • To hear activity alerts play as an audio prompt, select Activity Alerts (Activity Alerts, page 71). • To hear a sound play right before an audio alert or prompt, select Audio Tones. • To change the language or the dialect of the voice prompts, select Dialect.

But my connect app and watch don't have the items highlighted in red. Why? I use Iphone and airpods.