Annoying Clicking sound

Afternoon All

Before I get onto Garmin support, anybody have any clue what could be making this clicking sound?

  • Trainer works perfectly fine, no power loss etc
  • Only noticable at low/mid power. Comes & goes during a ride for roughly 15 minutes at a time
  • Clicking only occurs when pedals are moving forwards, not when flywheel is spinning on the freehub or pedals arnt moving.
  • Video is being operated by hand so is roughly 20/30w but still enough to cause the click.

Sounds like something is catching inside the flywheel rather than the pedal pulley

Justification for that (not visible on the video) is that the clicking is not consistent with Pedal arm rotations. By that I mean the clicks dont occur when the pedal arms are in the same positions around the clock.

I might try putting a sticker on the flywheel tomorrow & seeing if the click always occurs with the flywheel at the same point but that doesnt explain why it doesnt occur when the flywheels is freewheeling.

Was kind of hoping it was a worn belt but the belt looks great.

A NeoBike was bought in May 2022 & sent back under warranty in September 2022 with about 10 hours of use after some horrendous noises from the flywheel unit.

Replacement was naturally a refurbished unit so completely unknown mileage & wear.

Its had 145hours of use since being swapped and at 62kg with a 210W FTP, I'm hardly the type to be able to break it.