Resistance unrealistic


Newby here to indoor cycling. Recently purchased a tacx neo plus. I am a casual outdoor cyclist , not a pro, have a done a few 50-100k cycles at slow pace. 

is there any changes that can be made in the settings to make the road feel more realistic in terms of effort? With the movies on the app some I am cycling easy and the movie is going along much faster than I would expect in real life and other times much slower. I just tried one which had a steep climb of I think 20% and the resistance was unrealistically hard - i was in the lowest gear and standing up on the pedals could just about turn them and just felt much harder than i would expect cycling up a hill in real life. 

thanks in advance


  • Movies are recorded by a camera attached to a car. The car must travel a certain constant speed on the flat and a different constant speed uphill, which is not always the case due to traffic, turns etc. If the speed differs from the one set by the algo then you experience unrealistic cycling speed. This cannot be changed in the settings.

    Gradients of 20% are extremely hard. You have to reprogram your gears in the Garmin app so that the front chainring is up to your standard. Pro suse 53/39, so depending on your fitness you may go with 52/36 or 50/34. Also, consider to reprogram your sprockets to add some mountain cogs like 32 or 34.