ANT+ Indicator on the Display Flashing

I know this has happened to other users, I've seen the posts. Any update on why this happens, and if Garmin has done anything to correct it? I run mine with a Garmin Edge 1030 Plus controlling the workout while riding on Zwift. Zwift is reading the power output ONLY and the 1030+ is controlling. It appears that the bike stops broadcasting in ANT+ when the light is blinking, because I'll lose connectivity to both my 1030+ and my desktop running Zwift almost simultaneously. Logically, this could only happen if the bike stops broadcasting as these two devices are not connected in anyway. All readings remain normal on the display. 

I've noticed the blinking before, but it was when I was using Zwift alone and I attributed it to interference or general reception issues, even though I have an ANT+ dongle with an extension placed right on my bike to eliminate interference and improve the reception. After seeing the dropouts on separate devices that are in no way connected, I'm positive that the problems are with the bike and the broadcast signal

Any ideas or suggestions?