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Tacx NEO Bike Smart - New Beta Available

A new release is available for the Tacx NEO Bike Smart. This software is currently a beta and will need to be manually installed as this is not available in production yet. Instructions to install the beta, as well as how to backdate to production software should you choose to, are available at the bottom of this post. 

Change Log

  • Add NEO Bike Plus SW features for NEO Bike Smart
  • Support shifter button layout customization via Tacx Training App
  • UX improvements including in-ride fan adjustment with control buttons
  • Changes in wireless configuration including BLE FTMS support and steering with buttons
  • Various bug fixes

Custom shifting button layout
Support shifter button layout options to be configured with the Tacx Training App. You can customize the shifters to behave like Campagnolo® ,
Shimano®, or SRAM® shifters.

 Tacx App Screenshot - Settings Changes For Shifters

Crank length customization
Indicate your crank length for most optimized pedal stroke analysis in Tacx Desktop app or other supported platforms.

 Tacx App Screenshot - Settings Changes For Crank Length

UX Improvements
UX improvements from the NEO Bike Plus are now available for the NEO Bike Smart.
The in-bike settings for the bike can be accessed by simultaneously pressing or holding the 2 control buttons.
The control buttons are the 2 buttons which aren't used for shifting. By default, the control buttons are the 2 small buttons located on the inside of the
handlebars (5 and 6 in the image above).

If you have chosen the Campagnolo® shifting layout, the control buttons will be different (2 and 4 in the image above).
The behavior of these buttons is different when in Standalone Mode (not connected to a training application) vs during a training (controlled via BLE or

In-ride fan speed adjustment
Adjust fan speed in-ride by simultaneously pressing or holding the 2 control buttons.
When this symbol is shown, holding the left or right control button will decrease or increase the fan speed.

Steering support with Zwift
Along with wireless changes outlined below, this update brings support for steering with Zwift using the buttons.
Use the 2 control buttons on your handlebars to steer on Zwift. In order to use this feature, you must be connected to Zwift over Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and
be using Zwift version v1.39 and higher.

Bluetooth Smart (BLE) Changes
BLE configuration is changed to match that of NEO Bike Plus.

Add FTMS Support
Replace existing manufacturer-specific BLE control method with public standard FTMS method.

Tacx Trainer Service

This firmware version introduces a Tacx-specific BLE service to allow 3rd party platforms to implement Tacx-specific features such as Road Feel, button control, virtual gear information, and more.

For 3rd-party platforms which have not implemented the new Tacx BLE method, features like Road Feel and custom rider weight may not be available after installing this firmware version.

If this firmware update breaks these features on your preferred training platform and you wish to revert your firmware version to the previous firmware version, there is currently an option available to do so.
To install the previous firmware version v0.0.46 on your NEO Bike Smart, click the link below from your mobile device which has the Tacx Training App installed and NEO Bike Smart device paired:

For 3rd parties interested in implementing Tacx wireless services, please submit an inquiry to [email protected].

ANT+ Changes
ANT configuration is changed to match that of NEO Bike Plus. This adds additional speed and cadence data to be reported over the ANT+ Bicycle Power
profile, eliminating the need for the ANT+ Cycling Speed Cadence profile. If your trainer was previously paired as a Speed/Cadence sensor to another
device like a bicycle computer or wearable, you may need to re-pair your NEO Bike as a Power sensor.

Other miscellaneous changes

  • Support factory reset through Tacx Training App
  • Change wireless advertising name from "Smart Bike" to "NEO Bike Smart"
  • Remember gear positions after turning off/on
  • Error codes are sent over ANT+ to be identified on connected Garmin Edge or wearable. More information on error code meaning is shown in the Tacx Training App on your mobile device.

How to install v4.5.0
Before updating to v4.5.0, ensure your NEO Bike already has the latest version v0.0.46. See this support page for more information.
On your iOS or Android device, click this v4.5.0 NEO Bike Smart Update Link. This should open the Tacx Training App and you should see a new update
is available to install.

If you want to revert your firmware back to v0.0.46, the option is currently available using another update link: v0.0.46 NEO Bike Smart Update Link