Weak ANT+ Signal

I have one of the earlier bikes (purchased in 11/2019) and the signal for ANT+ seems to be fairly weak. I have paired it with a fenix 5 and fenix 6 and received a similar issue. When riding with my hands on the handlebars things are mostly okay, there are no signal drops. However, if I sit upright the signal will normally cut out - I know this because I'll receive a notification on the watch.

I do not think it's the watch since I've used two different watches and had a similar experience. I have also tried the same watch on a TACX NEO 2T and did not experience the signal loss.

The bluetooth signal seems fine, it's paired to an apple TV that's quite a ways away and that connection never seems to drop.

This has been happening since I purchased the bike.

Any thoughts?

  • Hi, I have the same problem. When using either my watch (Epix 2) or the edge1030+ to record my indoor ridings (when I ride for instance a Tacx video) the Neo bike is frequently disconnected from the watch or the edge for a few seconds and therefor loosing power and speed info. Sometimes it works fine for an hour or so and there are also periods that it disconnects every few minutes.

    Is there anybody also using a similar setup without problems?

  • I have the same problem. I bpught the Neo Bike  a few weeks ago. Both with Zwift and Rouvy I sometimes loose the connection. I never had this problem using my Tacx Neo 2. Have either of you found a solution?

  • Did you tried a USB ANT stick in one the USB ports?

    For me that did worked. After replacing my Edge 1040 the problem didn't occur for a while. 
    At this moment i use my phone for trainings. Join app and Fulgaz. With my iPhone controlling the Tacx NEO Smart bike there is never connection loss.

  • I tried, it did'nt solve the problem. So I got an extension cable and put the Ant+ dongle next to the back of the bike. It looks like that solved it for me. 

  • why you put it to the back of the bike. is that where the bluetooth&ant transmitters/receivers are? where are they exactly? do you know this? then i can also test this workaround (i do have the same problem! ). best, thomas

  • the electronics in the Neo family is on the left (and rear) side (so on the non-driveside), i use a 5m long USB extension cable with a Suunto ANT+ ministick, i plug the USB extension in a USB3.0 socket (that has higher mA than regular USB2.0 socket), so i dont need any USB HUB with power adapter. but if you have wifi in your room, pls check the 2.4GHz channel number in the router, and avoid the #11 channel, if possible, set it to manual and #1 or to one of the lower channel. If you are living an apartment house, that could be a problem if one of your neighbour has wifi on the #11 channel, and he/she is just at home when you are doing a workout, and he/she is using his/her wifi massively with a torrent download or YT/Netflix , this can cause so high interference with ANT+ that kills all the signals, or will be tons of dropouts in the signal and the whole workout will be a nightmare (tons of zero watts or no HR, no resistance change, etc). the BT has better signal error correction, so if possible, buy a BT5.3 USB stick and use that with the extension cable. 

  • Thanks a lot for all this information. will give this a try tomorrow and report back. would be great if my problems are "just" weak signal/connectivity problems!  best, thomas