Update to allow gear change mapping


When will the firmware update be released to allow remapping of the gear buttons to mimic SRAM? I have Sram on my bike and the shimano style drives me crazy. 

Also firmware to fix erg mode is urgent! 

  • I am on my second unit since 23.12.2019. No updates since then. Unless your bikes is completely not functional you have no chance. I had the first unit burning after first 3 minutes (three minutes) of riding and even in this case GArmin simply responded: bring it back to the shop. I am happy they thing about me like strong person, but this bike a bit above my limits, honestly. Not to mention the shop did not get any units for replacement as of now.

    The second bike which I organized elsewhere is also far from 100%. you mention ERG mode, on top of that it makes very strange sounds. Garmin wrote me email that it is perfectly fine.

    You can check yourself here on youtube: Video 1 and Video 2

    Saying all that, I also hope we get at least the ERG improved soon, some additional configuration would be nice to have.