Just got the 3m. The cadence reading is oscillating while using SYSTM app. Is there a way to stop it.

  • it has the same proximity sensor as the Neo2 family, so probably that is the issue (lots of people had problems with it in the past), in certain bike frame and crank length combination the sensor cant sense right the leg movement, maybe it is the issue (if the sensor is not completely faulty). i suggest to use a dedicated cadence sensor on the crank (or if you have powermeter on your bike, then use that's cadence data as cadence source). yeah i know it is not acceptable with a 2k eur device but it is the fastest and easiest way (the power measurement is independent from this proximity sensor, so the power reading will be good in any situation)

  • the power measurement is independent from this proximity sensor, so the power reading will be good in any situation

    I agree with you that this should be the case. But here’s what was unexpectedly voiced on Facebook by a user who repairs Neo trainers:

    It is a problem with the cadence circuit on the motherboard. Having an external cadence sensor will do absolutely nothing to fix the problem because the trainer needs to rely on its own cadence circuit to regulate the resistance.
    Power = Torque x Cadence. Without cadence data the Tacx Neo rely on, resistance regulation is not possible.
    We have seen users keep using a trainer with a faulty cadence sensor and experience sudden lock up in resistance during training, and almost cause the user to fall down while off saddle sprinting.
    If you are in the UK, you should look for Rich Webb. We do repairs but are based in south east asia.
    The trainer will not work if there is a problem with the internal cadence circuit. We know the cause and repair them at component level. This is based on the experience we had with our customers units.

  • this fb comment is dumb a bit. the Neo doesnt need the cadence data, totally independent (the power is calculated from the electricity flow through the magnet coils. the torque x cadence is true for real powermeter with strain gauges). the sprint lockup issue was solved by a firmware update in the Neo2 family

  • Thank you both for the comments. I think your right Luko about the cadence data being independent. I bought a cadence sensor for 40 dollars and taped it to the left crank arm. It did work. It stopped the flaky cadence reading during SYSTM erg workout. I used the sensor for cadence instead of the 3m cadence reading.

    I have brought all of this to the garmin helpdesk. I’m wondering its an issue with the app.

    any case I should not have to buy a 40 dollar cadence sensor after spending 2000 dollars on the trainer to make it work with my preferred workout platform wahoo SYSTM.