Training load tacx training


I made a ride with the Tacx app on my Tacx Neo 2T yesterday, I could see the ride in Garmin Connect but not the training status and nor the activity in the training status, however I could see the activity on the training status on my watch.

Today I made another ride with tacx app and home traîner, I can see the activity in GC and on the watch, but no training status nor in watch nor in GC, do you have an idea what happened ?

Yesterday I put on my watch with an indoor cycling activity but without saving it at the end, don't know if this had an impact ?

Also, I created a new account yesterday before 1st ride (after deleting it by mistake) but on my watch I still have the activites before deleting it and so the training effect from previous account. Maybe this is part of explanation ?

Thanks in advance for your help Grinning