Trial period

Hi does anyone know if you can download a 1080p film during the trial period.

I've only got a 5 year old 40inch Samsung TV (UE40F6740SB) and I'm not sure if it will benefit from the higher resolution, and therefore influence my subscription choice in 3 days time!

Last question, do you keep your films that you've downloaded if you cancel your subscription, or do you keep 1080p films if you downgrade your sub to 720?

  • You certainly can't stream 1080p during the trial period, just 720 despite having paid a small fortune for your 2T.  How ridiculous is that?? Why on earth would the marketing Dept at Tacx/Garmin think they would tempt more people to subscribe by limiting them to 720 in a trial period?  720, of course, is rubbish unless your internet speed is really slow and you want to use an old SD monitor.  I was sorely tempted to subscribe to another service after my trial period out of annoyance but I did sign up to Tacx for another month and I did pay the extra $5 or so for the 1080p films which really are much prettier.  Pity Tax/Garmin doesn't stream 4k as well.  

    I can't answer your last question as I never downloaded any - I just stream films.