Indoor Trainer Mode


I have a few questions about the "Indoor Trainer Mode" with the Tacx Neo 2T connected (paired) with the Garmin Edge 1030 v.9.00

First under Sensor details there are a few options like Gear Ratio (2.75) and wheel size.

What about the Gear Ratio? Is standard 2.75 or what should I use when I have 36-52 (Front) and 11-25 (Rear)?

Wheel size I know what it is and also Bike Weight, so no problem there ;-)

Then I wonder if it is possible to pair the Neo 2T as a powermeter so the FTP and other training stats is working on the 1030?

When it's paired as a Indoor Trainer non of that seems to work as it couldn't find the Neo 2T as a PowerMeter or CadanceMeter?

Thanks in advance, been trying to search the internet for answers and looked at GPLama at YouTube but noting about this :-(

/Hans Bergsten


    I found out after a few hours of fideling that under "Trainer Settings" in the Tacx Utility App (at the bottom) there is a choice of telling the Neo 2 (2T) to send Speed / Cadence in ANT+. After you turn on that the Edge 1030 will find the Neo2 or 2T as Speed / Cadence and PowerMeter so you can see Cycling Dynamics, Left Power / Right Power and let the 1030 update FTP and record your training stats with Power and Heart Rate.

    You need a Neo 2 or 2T with built in "Cycle Dynamics" sensors for Left / Right leg also you need 1030, 830 and 820 I think so it doesn't work with all Garmin Edge.

    Hope this helps you out there how missed this ;-)

    /Hans Bergsten