RS200 pedals, Edge 830, Forerunner 945 connections set up

Hi all,

I have a Tacx Neo 2. I also have Garmin power meter pedals, a Garmin Edge and a Forerunner 945. What's the best things for me to connect and set up when using the Tacx Neo?

I'm just using the Tacx app at the moment for workouts.

Is it best I broadcast heart rate from my watch and connect that to the Tacx app? 

Is there even any point in using my garmin edge at all?

Do I need to record on the Edge in order to get the pedal stroke analysis from the pedals?



  • You can try and record the same workout with all 3 devices, EDGE 830, FR945 and Taxx app with the same connected sensors. However only one of you devices should be used to control the trainer.

    Check the stats of each recording and see witch one is best for you.

    If you have a chest HRM use that instead of watch as per Garmin recommendations.