Fitting Trek Domane SL6 2018 onto Tacx Neo2 ... Possible ?

Hi folks. New to the group having just tried to setup a 2nd hand TACX Neo2 TBH been a bit of a pain as suspect some of the fitting are MIA

I am putting a 2018 Trek Domane SL6 on it which has a 142mm thru axle and Ultegra 11sp cassette.

Trying to index it is proving impossible despite the bike being sweet on the road. So far bought the 12mm kit which was pretty much useless as the threads are for gen1 TACX and you can’t buy a 12mm kit for gen2, I put on the 1mm spacer behind the cassette to try get it toward the derailleur.

So far frigged it with various spacers etc but find it hard to believe a bit of kit costing what this does new is so poor with what is pretty standard 12mm thru axle and top end cassette.

Anybody had similar experiences and if so what solutions did you use ?

FWIW chatted to Garmin support who are sending a 2.7mm washer… from looking at that is seems to be for disc side..

EDIT : from Ott's stuff I have identified that the 12x142 DS and NDS fitments are missing. I have been trying to use everything I had to get the QR working.... Need to get hold of these 2 fitments then try the indexing....