NEO 2 SE power accuracy


I just bought a NEO 2 SE, and compared to my previous trainer, Elite Suio and also to my Stages power meter, it shows higher wattson zwift, than the other 2. E.g., on zwift I can see 320 watts for NEO 2 SE, but for Stages power meter, I hardly reach even 300 watts, 

I will borrow an assioma duo soon, and compare those 2 values too, soon, have you experienced the same?

Thanks for your help,


  • the older Neo didnt suffer drivetrain lossess ;-)

  • the flawless Neo2 and 2T "neither"... mate, there is NO 5% drivetrain loss, except on 53-11 and -12 but on indoor trainer You dont use these gears. one of my other friend sent back his 2pcs 2Ts, these were low (with same ~5% as i remember but i will searh his dual comparisons and let You know) , and now the 3rd new one is the accurate. (validated with reference weight-calibrated powermeters). so if You have 5% difference with 39-19T or similar gear ratio in ERG at 200Watt, then: your P2M is high (it could be if used with ovals, this is.why i asked what type of P2M do you have, because these models have different angle velocity calculations)  or the 2T is low. there are tons of dual comparisons on the internet, with accurate dual powermeter and indoor trainer, the drivetrain loss is between the 1-2%. even with Neo2 and 2T. and with Direto/Drivo and Kickrs (v5 and v6)