Neo2 - I can't pair my E530 to the BT power profile

sw 0.0.32

When I add power sensors in my Edge 530, they only show Ant+ sensors from the Neo 2.  I select the option to search for blue tooth devices, but it only shows my wife's Kickr sitting next to me and my runscribe pod.

Bluetooth is definitely working in the device as my iPhone has no problems connecting using the Tacx utilities.

Should I be able to pair via BT?  The reason I want to is I get a fair number of power drop outs from the Neo2 (I don't get any from my 4iiii's) and wanted to see if this would fix them.

Is this a difference between BT and BLE?

  • one idea, during firmware update i had probs with the Device Defaults, it was impossible to change the body weigth and bike weight, so i tried to disable under "Connection Settings"  the option "enable Ant+ Speed/Cadence" as you can see in the screenshot.

    then it was possible to change the weight, so good, then i forgot to enable it again and on my upcoming indoor ride i didn't see any speed on my Edge 830, so i tried to search for sensors, surprise, my Edge showing me only BT devices but couldn't find any ANT+ devices.

    WTF, i want to ride and not searching for probs, then i remind to look back on Tacx App, i enabled "enable Ant+ Speed/Cadence" and my Edge 830 was able to find ATN+ devices and everything was OK.

    So you can give it a try and disable "enable Ant+ Speed/Cadence"?