Tacx desktop interaction with Garmin connect and Marq Athlete

Hi all,

Starting cycling indoor training (Tacx Neo 2, Tacx desktop software with videos of cycling tours downloaded from Tacx) I am faced with some challenges when connecting my Marq Athlete smartwatch to the Neo 2 sensors:

1) the Marq shows speed/distance different form the Tacx desktop software. How to align this?

2) Different training statistics, e.g. TSS and Intensity factor numbers are too small (same as VO2 max calculation) on the Marq most probably due to the Marq not getting the altitude data of the virtual tour.

3) Importing the data of the indoor cycling session from Tacx desktop software into Garmin connect is possible but data like TSS and Intensity factor are missing.

4) Marq Athlete shows VO2max and cycling distances on its face, however these data are unfortunately wrong calculated, see above. How to get the "true" data on the face of the Marq?

How to align the two systems (Tacx desktop data and Marq/Garmin connect) taking into account that Tacx is now under the umbrella of Garmin?