Compatibility with BMC Teammachine - Help me please!

Hello guys,

I used a Tacx Flux S for the past 4 years and I recently changed my bike from a Giant TCR Advanced (disc brakes) for a BMC Teammachine (disc brakes also). However, when I looked to set up my bike on the trainer, I've got a problem: on the drive side, I c'ant use the adaptor I was using on my Giant. I can't reach the thread from the outside... I give you 2 photos to explain. No one, until now, was able to help me. So I truly hope that someone here would save my life (and my money)! How can I do? I can provide other photos if needed.

Here some infos:

Tacx Flux S type 1 (Tacx T2805.01(S))

11 speed

BMC teammachine SLR Five

12x142 mm Thru-Axle