Tacx Flux S - Intermittent Dropouts (Is there a final answer?)

I have had my Flux S for almost 3 years, and for 3 years I have put up with intermittent connection drop outs when using Zwift. But I've had it! Is there a final solution to this problem?

It doesn't matter if I transmit Ant+ to my laptop, Bluetooth to my laptop, Bluetooth to my iPad or Bluetooth to my iPhone, Bluetooth through Companion App; eventually, inevitably, I will get intermittent dropouts. 

I do not think it is a Zwift issue, because, my heart rate monitor doesn't lose connection during these drop outs. I have the latest firmware on everything.

Several solutions involve. Shutting all Bluetooth things down, unpairing everything, and starting again. That doesn't work, and it's not practical. In our training room, we have a Neo2T, 2xFlux S, a Runn treadmill sensor, numerous bluetooth headphones, Apple TV, amazon firestick, Google home, multiple smart watches and multiple wifi signals. Yes, there's a lot of digital noise - but why is my trainer the only one affected by it?

One weird thing with my trainer is that sometimes it shows up as different names in the connection screen. Mostly it's Tacx Flux S 6709, but sometimes it's just Tacx Flux S, sometimes it's something else (can't quite remember now). <- Is that normal?

  • If there are signal dropouts, the hr is remaining "stable" but that is not true, just hold the last known data for longer time. (the power and the cad or spd is dropping after 2-3secs). What kind of wireless stuffs do you use during training? BT headphone, BT speakers, how is the wifi connection in the room, on 5GHZ or do you (still) use the old 2.4GHZ system which is usually interferencing with these ANT+/BT signals (with ANT+ for sure if the channel is set to near the #10 channel +- 1-2 ). Ofc, it could be radio chip reset in the flux too which is problem (and needs firmware fix or if it cant help on it, a RMA  replace...) Can You share a FIT file (in ZIP format or with a direct link to a file sharing service ?) ?

  • I have the same issue… the trainer drops out completely while HR stays connected. If I go to the pair screen, my Assioma pedals will pair through ANT+ or BT but not the Tacx flux s. And for all the skeptics, no my pedals are not connected the entire time they are simply on the bike and in order to complete the workout I will just switch to the pedals.
    Any solutions to this annoying issue?