No resistance in Zwift

After the latest update to Zwift I haven't been able to get any resistance on my trainer. I've got the resistance set to max and I am using a new Apple TV 4k so the signal is going over bluetooth. Everything seems to connect. I was able to update the firmware with no problems.

I was able to connecy Garmin Edge 520 and change the resistance but other than that my Flux is not working like it used to. Anyone else experience this?

I also can't calibrate within Zwift so I used the TacX training app because the TacX utility app is not working correctly. 

Any guesses? 


  • I also got confused by Zwift not calibrating, but after a quick Google search, it appears that Tacx trainers can only be calibrated by the Tacx Training app. The Tacx Utility app has essentially been deprecated, hence why it doesn’t work now (they really should remove it from the App Store). With regards Zwift not being able to control the power, I have found that if I have a Garmin head unit paired to the Tacx as a Trainer (rather than just power and speed/cadence), that can ‘displace’ Zwift’s ability to control resistance (assuming you paired Zwift to the Tacx as a Smart Trainer in the first place). Equally, another smart trainer app open on your Apple (like Tacx Training), can dominate the smart trainer control. Usual fix is to turn the Tacx off at the power, switch off any smart trainer pairings other than Zwift, then switch the Tacx back on and open Zwift and pair as a smart trainer first. If none of that works after a couple of tries, then it may be worth a call to Garmin Support.

  • I tried that but I will try it again and make sure bluetooth is off on my phone too so the only connection will be the Trainer and Zwift.

    Thank you.