Bluetooth connection issues with ipad pro and Macbook pro

I am having issues with the bluetooth using my Flux (original model bought 2 yrs ago and barely used) and Flux 2 recently purchased. both of them cant seem to have a consistent connection with the ipad pro. This morning i tried the Macbook pro with the original flux and a 7% inclined felt like a 2% totally not happy. I got few ?s 

1. Do I need to calibrate the trainer on ipad pro using Utility app and then switch to Macbook pro. The recently purchased Flux2 works fine with my iMac desktop version so no issues there. 

2. Does calibration really help? In my case, with a crappy BT connection it does not matter how many times I calibrate the trainer 

It is getting freezing cold here and I was thinking to hammer some good training as I prepare for my race but looks to me that if this issue is not resolved then I will have to freeze my ass once again outside. Not happy at all and need an urgent reply.  

HAAS the Triple Threat