Tacx flux s fenix 6

Dear all, I've tacx flux s and Fenix 6 PRO. I'm using at the same time tacx with BKOOL web application and with fenix 6 PRO, but with fenix 6 PRO the mileage is not well recognized. Could you help me to understand the reason? I've observed that every time there is a lack of 5/10% of total mileage. thanks a lot, Michele

  • I was confused with this too, when I started using Tacx Flux S with Zwift (I have a Fenix 6X Pro Solar).  As this is my first smart trainer I asked around friends with more experience of smart trainers and the result was this is nothing to worry about.  Essentially the trainer apps like Zwift, BKOOL, etc. all have their own way of re-calculating speed and distance from the power output from the smart trainer.  I was told that as long as the power curves line up, then all is well.  It seems speed and distance parity is not important in the smart trainer virtual world; but power is king and the only metric that has to be the same.  That said, it still bothers the data nerd in me a little, as there's sometimes a massive difference between Zwift and my Fenix 6 for distance when both auto upload to Strava; but it seems I'll just have to learn to 'deal with it'!

    Useful article here zwiftinsider.com/.../ and from BKOOL support here support.bkool.com/.../360042227571-Speed

  • Just to add another thing that bothered me initially until a little internet research revealed the answer, is that it does matter what the front to rear gear ratio is on your bike, to be able to achieve certain power values.  I thought it didn't matter and had my mountain bike set on the middle ring front and rear, then wondered why the Tacx Flux S couldn't give me power resistance much above 200 watts.  Then I found this article https://tacx.com/erg-training-flux/ and it all made sense.  Essentially mountain bikes have gearing for getting up steep climbs, so the ratio was not the 39:19 shown in the graph in that link.  I checked what the gears were on my bike and as soon as I dropped the rear derailleur two cogs (to give a similar ratio to 39:19) everything worked perfectly.  There's absolutely nothing about this in the instructions that come with the Tacx Flux and it further exacerbates the potential distance/speed discrepancies, as the power is the same regardless of gear (but speed changes radically depending which gear you are in).